What is SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Hi, welcome to the world of Search Engine Optimization.

Do you know how many blog posts are published on each day? Do you Have Any idea?

There are 4 million posts published each day on the internet, in fact, WordPress users only publish more than 1 million blog posts on each day. These numbers can ruin your desiring of becoming a blogger and it is difficult to stand out there, but don’t worry you can get over this competition by working smart.

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What Does SEO Stand For?

I think you already know the definition of SEO, But let me explain to you in detail. SEO stand's for search engine optimization.

What is Search Engine: It is a place where you get the information from the internet upon putting some keywords into a Box of search Engines. Most Popular search engines are listed here.  Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Duck Duck Go...etc

What is Optimization: It is a process of optimizing your site, pages, posts to list into the top results of the search engines like Google.

Why SEO  is Important for, Bussiness, Blogs, company whatever online
Why it is important to List in the top results of Google Search engine.

One of our research team Revealed upon doing a case study, The Top 3 results of the Google search engine get 90 %CTR, some times it can be 100%.

let's have look at the market share of various search engines according to that can give you a clear idea of how SEO important.

So here you will see a clear report  74.28% Market share occupied by the Google search engine.

So you should optimize the Google Search Engine for better Ranking to get your Bussiness Go.

Suppose your business all about health products ok and you sell some high-quality products to the customers and you have an amazing talk in the market.

Is that enough for you to succeed in the market online.

No not at all if you don't optimize your site there is a huge chance of losing your potential customers and your competitor going to benefit from this.

How I will explain to you here suppose you and your competitor sells the same product named "Weight And mass Gainer".

Some Costumer came to the Online and searched for the keyword "weight And mass gainer" then your site listed on the 10" page of the Google search results, and your competitors on page 1 of Google.

It is obvious your chances of sell are very less compare to your competitor.

Because the customer not going to see the 10'th page and buying your product already told you 90% CTR goes to the top 3 results.

Now the question is how you can overcome this loss.

That's what I am going to teach you in this  Seo For Beginners Guide.

Before going into the SEO factors that are reducing your  Rankings let me tell you there are even types in the SEO. Yes, here is the list

                  Types of SEO

  1. Black Hat SEO
  2. White Hat SEO
  3. Grey Hat SEO
  4. On-page SEO.
  5. Off-page SEO.


                 What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO techniques are Basically implemented to Manipulate Google Algorithms.

We human beings born with some weakness, no one on earth can be perfect. So Google Algorithms also have a weakness.

Some People taking advantage of this and succeeding in the short run. But they are not going to seat in the long run.

Some updates will come and ruin this Black hat kind SEO sites over the night,

Google panda is the update from Google which vanished all spammy sites overnight.

Black hat SEO Practices are basically done by the spammers, and People who can't wait a long period to gain the Good ranking.

What are those Black Hat Techniques: it can be keyword stuffing, Building a 1000's of spam links over the night, hidden links, hidden Text, Cloaking.

In this typSEO SEO, you're basically right for search engines not for humans because so much keyword stuffing in the article, having, dangerous spammy links, and the hidden text's don't give a user-friendly experience on your site.,

So my advice is don't do this kind of SEO if you want to rank well on Google in the Long run.

According to Google content Quality Guidelines, Black Hat SEO is Considered as against. It can't fit into Google Algorithmsterms and Conditions.

                             What is White Hat SEO?

In the Other Hand White Hat SEO, which follows the Google Content Quality Guide Lines.

This Kind of SEO Practices Mostly Loved by the Search engines as well as readers.

Because you're focusing on quality content and writing for humans rather than machines(search engines).

White Hat SEO Techniques are applied to build a sustainable business.

What are Those white Hat Techniques; cam be producing high-quality content, adding related links in a page, Promoting content and backing the relevant content, Guest Posting, taking interviews of Gems in your field.

                         What is Grey Hat SEO?

As the name suggest Grey Come form the intermixing of Black And White Colors.

So this is not as dangerous as Black Hat SEO, But it is some kind of BLAck Hat but an innocent one.

Innocent People do things but they seem likes they don't anything that's how the Grey Hat SEO works.

You intentionally trick the  Google Algorithms, but won't be caught.

What are Those Grey Hat techniques: Guest Blogging, Inviting and Giving Links to the related pages intently.

offering free scholarships to a student, Serving a cause like helping a charity you often see in some sites like donating for some cause.

Your promoting site in the name of helping for a cause.

                           What is On-Page SEO?

  • Keyword Research – Do research on the right keywords. match your keyword density in the article, understand your audience and give them the best content to fit their requirements.
  • User Response– be aware of how the user is engaging with your content. How long he is reading the article. trust is one of the great signals for search engines to rank high.
  • Onsite Optimization – make sure your website well structured, internal links are important, and how relevant that content for the search query.

                             What is Off-Page SEO?

This is Basically a Process of optimizing a website and content from outside for organic search presence. Link building comes under the category of off-site SEO. Search engines use external links as a signal for quality sites.

Make sure your building Backlinks from high authority sites.

  • Content Marketing Essential; We know from start content is King so if you have good content, there a huge chance of linking of reputable sites to your site. So quality content will help attract links from authority sites.
  • Content Promotion; Promoting content is essential to promote your content on Various social media Platforms, Web Master tools and approach your colleagues.
  • Guest Post; Request if you know someone who’s website ranking is good. He may put your article on his own site as a guest appearance.