What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

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What is Seo?Do you know how many blog post's are published on each day? Do you Have Any idea? no, Then look at this entire article on What is Seo?.

What is Seo?; Yes there are millions of post's published each day on internet, in fact WordPress users only publishes more than 1 million blog posts on each day. This numbers can ruin your desiring of becoming an blogger and it is difficult to stand out there, but don't worry you can get over this competition by working smart not hard work.

What is Seo? Meaning or Full Form

Basically Seo Stands for Search engine Optimization. this the basic full form but what has to be optimized? , and how to optimize Blog Content ?

There are millions of searches takes place across various search engines includes top search engine's like . Google, Yahoo, And Bing . so these makes search engines difficult to identify what is your blog all about?

Here comes the role of the search engine optimization What is search engine optimization?is an entire process of optimizing your blog content to rank higher on various search engines as a top results.

No matters how well your blog post is written, if you don't optimize. it won't get you enough traffic.

What is Seo?And What factor's has to be Optimized?

But question arrives what are the thinks you have to optimize ,it can be writing of content, your blog design, keywords, Back links, and how responsive is your blog.

in olden days search engines are not that much smart , if you search for a term "apple" ,search engines confuses it is eating fruit or cell phone company.Then it picks you the random results.

But by 2019 search engines knows it is eating apple or company name. So you have to be very careful regarding blog post optimization.

if your writing a post on "What is Seo?" and this is the key word of post. so you have to write the post by matching the key word density. There are various free Seo tools available to check your readability and key word density , popular one is Yoast Seo.

We need to work on our post in order to make search engines very likely to include your post as one of the top most result for that particular key word if some one searches.

What is Seo?-Overview

so guys ranking your post on first 2 results very crucial in your growth of business. there are many seo experts have researched ,more than 70% of searchers starts searching on google remaining 30% on other search engines.

Top 3 results getting more than 60% of traffic so here come's the role of the search engine optimization, and how important it is.

So need to have clear idea regarding how search engine works. What are the various factors that influencing the search engines to get some post's as a top result.

How Search Engine Works?

What is Seo

When some one searches for a particular key word on any search engine;s. Every search engine has has crawler that crawls and gather each information that find's on internet. Then the crawler uses code's such as 1s and 0s and send's signal to the search engines for an index. That indexed content then fed through an algorithm that tries to match all data with that query.

What is Seo?and it's Types

What is seo And Types

There are Few types in seo like

1.Onsite SEO and off site SEO

Onsite SEO

This is basically the process of optimizing a website and article from inside for better user friendly experience , relevancy and the accessibility.


  • Keyword Research – Do the research on right key words. match your key word density in the article ,understand your audience and give them the best content to fit their requirements.
  • User Response– be aware how user is engaging with your content.How long he is reading the article. trust is one of the great signal for search engines to rank high.
  • Onsite Optimization – make sure your website well structured, internal links are important, and how relevant that content for the search query.

Offsite SEO

This is Basically a Process of optimizing a website and content from outside for organic search presence. Link building come's under the category of off site seo. Search engines Uses external links as signal for the quality sites.

Make sure your building Back links form high authority sites.

  • Content Marketing Esssential; We know from start content is King so if you a have a good content, there a huge chance of linking of reputable sites to your site. So quality content will help attract links from authority sites.
  • Content Promotion; Promoting content is essential promote your content on Various social media Platforms , Web Master tools and approach your colleagues.
  • Guest Post; Request if you know someone who's website ranking is good .He may put your article on His own site as guest appearance.

2. Black Hat SEO ,White Hat SEO And Grey Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

if your so hurry to rank your site and To earn Few Bucks . Then This Type of SEO helps you to Break all the web master tools and Rules To help you rank well. This Kind of Seo highly focuses on Search engines optimization rather on better user experience. So guys it is up to you what SEO to Choose.

White Hat SEO

This is the Best SEO To Build Sustainable Growth of your online Business .So Guys Do Work smart and Hard Don't follow Short Cut's it will Give You Good Time for few Days later it can Ruin Your Business So focus on Brand Making.

Grey Hat SEO; it is an internal mixing of both white and Black Hat SEO. In This Type of SEO Your not Trying to Trick search engines or intentionally game the system , you are trying to get a distinct advantage.

End Of the Guide on What is SEO

i hope you people gained the exact knowledge your willing to gain regarding SEO if you Have Any Query Related To the Article" What is SEO?" Please Make us Know By Commenting in Below Section Have a nice Day.

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