What is SEO content? The Beginners Guide

What is SEO content? The Beginners Guide post thumbnail image

Are you a bigginner?

Confused the SEO content writing term thrown on you?

finally came here to know "What is SEO content"?

let's get started.

People generally confuses on normal content writer and SEO content writer.

This guide will takes all you doubts in your head.

If you want to master the field of SEO, first focus on "how to create SEO content".

For creating seo content a skill and set of mind is required.

There is huge, difference between creating SEO content and putting the keywords on page?

Let's get in to the Details of the guide.

What is SEO Content?

There are tow terms SEO and content let me divide

SEO- (Stands for Search Engine Optimization)- This is a process of Optimizing a website for Search engines like google.

Here is the complete guide on What is SEO?

What is SEO

Content-is the information find over internet written by the Bloggers.

People mistakes SEO Content as only for the Post wich are targeted by the Specific Keywords.

But Dude This completely wrong information given you.

SEO Content includes various topic.

SEO content can include, Blog posts, Blog Pages, Videos, Infographics, UX, slide shows, Directories, Guides, List, Product Page.

The detail explanation related this topic explained in coming paragraphs,

Let's dive in;

Types of SEO Content?

  1.Blog Posts

what is seo content 
what is seo content

A blog post is a great platform to Create SEO content and get some quality organic traffic from the search engines includes backlinks, followers some authority.

Keyword research is an important process, Target the right keywords use them properly in the article. Internal link building is important to add related articles to the post.

Add Keyword to the meta description. Maintain the Keyword Density in the article. Focus keyword should be included in the first few paragraph.

  2.Blog Pages

what is seo content 
what is seo content

are like Blog post's but you will be created manually to put it on the home page of the site. It can be called a specific page which can attract a user to come back. putting these pages over your home page.


what is seo content 
how to create seo content

are a great way to attract people. Explain the detailed article on video. Readers some time get bored to read that 3000-word article. SO it's better to create 10 min video. There are very few sites started doing it. Do it because easy to rank for a specific keyword.


what is seo content 
what is seo content

Are easy to optimize, explain the detailed structure of the image. what is image all about and why you mentioned in an article? infographic are other sources of traffic drivers. Submit your images, image submit directories and get the traffic from there.

5. Product Pages

what is seo content 
how to create is seo content

The product page is very important especially for the e-commerce site. This page discusses products you willing to sell.

Product page can also come under what are the service offered by the site to its user mention it over there.

6. Articles

Articles are mostly found on magazine , news, interview related sites.

Wich are written by the highly recommended authors.

7. Guide

What is seo Content 
What is seo Content

The guides contain a long-form content, it is used to give the proper information regarding any issue, or matter. If Disscuss matter is long then you can break it down to 3 or more web pages. Basicallly Guides give you the detail explanation, it is not about only single pahe guide that can give you whole information.

Guides are also called as tutorials. Generally, in the tutorial, we do teach to aspirants related to the topic that aspirant wishing,

8. Slideshows

whyat is seo content 
what is seo content writing

Slideshows are easy way to make understand readers. Slideshows are basicall a set of images that contains informative information, that explained pointing to a slideshow.

When we are in college you may have seen teachers Giving class on slideshows.

We can say Slideshows are easy to make people understand when we giving presentation.

9. Lists

what is seo content 
what is seo content writting

List is kind of article , mainly focus on post's like below.

5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

5 SEO Trends That will matter most in 2019

7 Real SEO Predictions for 2019

This kind of post's are very attractive in social media as well as in organic search results.


what is seo content 
seo content content optimization

A directory is a great way to create backlinks to sites. Submit a link to the directory related to Niche. Do active in it. image submit directory is a great way to get extra traffic, just submit images to it.

Conclusion of the Article on " What is SEO Content"

Hope i have taken out the mask wearing regarding What is SEO Content writting issue that is eating you from months. if you still have any problem or confussion make us know by commenting. We are her to support you. Our helplines are available 24/7.

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