62.1% of Small Businesses Fail with Facebook Ads. know how to Fix it

62.1% of Small Businesses Fail with Facebook Ads. know how to Fix it post thumbnail image

Are you the owner of small Bussiness?

Do you want to know how successful is facebook advertising?

Might be wondering does marketing a small business on Facebook works or how it helps in business growth?

A lot of questions squeezing your head right, yes should be I have been through that phase. but you can stay free now because I am going suggest you why most of the small business fail with facebooks ads and I will Give the most effective small busineess advertising Tips for fix the issue, working 101%.

Let's get into the details.

As you know how Facebook is popular, According to statsta.com there are more than 2.2billion daily active users on Facebook.

It might be the reason small business owners love to advertise on Facebook.

Why Most of The Small Business Fails with Facebook Ads And How you can Fix Businesses

There is a buzz in the market and proven research showing, most of the small business fails with facebook ads.

Is this facebook ads fault or a small business owners fault. I can tell you for sure it is completely small business owner's fault with facebook ads failure.

Let's have a look at why small business owners failing with Facebook ads,

1.  Your Not Targeting right Audiences Either Regions

As you Know facebooks user base is massive, But do you think, all users interest or choices same.

Suppose if you have cricket game products and you have advertised on Facebook ads, and most of the targeting audiences from USA, Brazil, France and Itali. Do you think, how much sells you will get from these targeted regions, haha, 1-2%, or less.

Because a cricket game is not popular in above-listed regions. So what you have to do here is analyze in which regions cricket is most Loved.

You have analyzed that, cricket is the most popular game in India, so started massive advertising on Facebook Ads, and expecting a skyrocket sells is that works, Targeting the industry audience is different from, targeting the whole Country.

That is the reason most of the small business fails with Facebook ads, besides getting a tone of likes and impressions. you should know Facebook Audiences and Targeting.

How to target small business owners on Facebook

Listen, your industry is cricket so pay attention to the sports category, Cricket fan business pages, cricket product business pages, And use the Cricket Celebrities fan base, Follow the trends and events.

Target the right audience small business with facebook ads

small business facebook ads

2. Advertising Agency for Small Business on Facebook

There are Many facebook advertising agencies which are promoting small business on Facebook. But most of them are fraud, they can get you the bulk of impressions and engagement but the sales percent is Zero, be aware you are not on those Spam Agencies.

I am not saying every agency is fraud, there are top Facebook advertising agencies, but pick the right one, if you don't have time to promote your self.

small business facebook ads agency small business facebook ads

3. Your Not investing Enough Money and Time

If you want to reach more targeted audiences in your industry you should invest the required money.  but don't overflow it, invest smartly, Facebook advertising budgets are varied choose your's, Know what are the exact areas of investing.

Facebook is one of the cheap ways to advertise small businesses, here is the article how much should a small business invest in advertising.

Surveys revealed that most of the small business owner not active on Facebook, they used to stay 1 hour for a week. Do you have any idea nearly 1 million selling items through on to Facebook for each hour.

small business facebook ads mony investing small busineess facebook ads

4. Strategy And Content Marketing

Every Work should start with strategy, plan, if you're not building any strategy, approaching randomly, in the end, you will going to fail. You should know the importance of promotional and strategies.

If you have amazing content, but you don't how to market it, then what is the use. This is what Niel Patel has to say about Content marting

.You should know what exactly you want from Facebook advertisements.

It can be for Brand awareness,  bringing new visitors to the website, or for expecting sells, some form of promotion,

whatever the reason you should focus on goals, build strategy step by step.

If you don't do this, then see here is the small business failure statistics.

small bussiness facebook ads strategy and content marketing

Conclusion on why 62.1% of Small Businesses Fail with Facebook Ads. know how to Fix Business.

In the end, I can tell you, failure of small business on Facebook advertisements, it is not the fault of the Facebook ads, it is completely small business owners fault, because of lack of knowledge, awareness, failing building strategies, not focusing on the set goals, Not targeting the right audiences.

If you like this article on Small Businesses Fail with Facebook Ads. know how to Fix it, please do share it.

These are my views on small business failure on Facebook advertisements. Add your views below what you think, is there anything to add in this list.

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