SEO Audit Checklist for 2019

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SEO Audit is does to know why the site is not getting the appropriate SEO results.

This is the best way to find out the drawbacks of seo results.

This guide will teach you how you can perform the entire SEO audit step by step.

You only need to do is follow the article till the end.

Let's get started.

What is SEO audit basically stands for?

SEO audit is a process of improving the performance of your SEO results by figuring out the weak points of SEO campaign that preventing your SEO performance.

this process helps you to get the items wich you need to fix.

if you take action on this list you will see an tremendous change in seo results.

but you should know when to do an audit.

At the begin of your SEO campaign, you should do an SEO audit. later after a few months, to make sure, not missing anything and to find out the new problems coming in your way.

Till now we have seen the basics of seo audit let's get in to the exact steps of SEO audit.

This are the Topics Covering by " SEO Audit Checklist for 2019 "

  • step 1: Set your strategic Goals or Objectives
  • step 2: Do keyword Analysis
  • step 3: Competitor Analysis
  • step 4: Technical Analysis
  • step 5: Page Level Analysis
  • step 6: Backlink Analysis
  • Step 7: Traffic Analysis
  • step 8; Check the Google penality

The Complete List of SEO audit

Follow the step by step instruction such that your not missing a single stone left on the bucket.

A successful SEO campaign involves varies positive ranking factors, that is the reason you should not be ignoring any details that related to Google ranking factor.

You need not to be an mister perfect. Do your best and leave to the search engines.

Let's dive in to the details.

1.Set your strategic Goals (or) objectives

Before starting your SEO campaign, you should have clear strategic objectives to achieve set goals over the period.

This helps you keep focus on your campaign and in achieving your desiring goals.

Your objectives should be measurable, quite specific, and relevant to the content, attainable, and make sure you are approaching them timely.

2. Do Keyword analysis

SEO Audit Checklist for 2019​
SEO Audit Checklist for 2019​

Make sure your targeting the right keywords

You need to reexamine the set of keywords you have planned earlier.

Good audit will help you to determine the quality of your keywords, your targeting.

Some times some business targeting keywords are way out of their SEO battle, but they think they can win the battle.

But their approach is completely wrong ,but they more than likely end up failing.

It is better to focus on keywords wich are performing well.

Do not spread your resources along many keywords,

Collect your gems and go after those.

But here is the question arrives how you know, i'm targeting the right keywords?

Here comes the role of the SMART principle which is introduced by the seo experts.

What is smart Principle stands for?


  • The keywords your targeting should be specific.
  • Don't go with bulk keywords i.e 500 or 800, go with at-least 10-20 performing keywords, depending on the resources you have.


  • You must measure how your keywords performing.
  • Tracking your keywords helps you to know how Google and other search engines valuing your site
  • And this is the best way to measure the impact of your link acquisition


  • Generally, new websites struggle to Rank the competitive keywords in a niche.
  • Because there are many authority sites, from years acquiring backlinks.
  • Be realistic.
  • Targeting the long tail keywords can get you results.


  • Keywords wich your applying should relevant to your niche.
  • This process helps google to understand what your site niche all about

Time Period

  • How long do your keywords take to rank?
  • Go with strategy, fix the deadline.

That's it with the smart principle, this might help you to analyze keywords,

3. Competitor analysis

SEO Audit Checklist for 2019​

  • Analyzing your competitors is the best way to know how competitive is a particular keyword.
  • Competitor analysis helps you to target the most searching keywords over the period.
  • To see how your content is performing compare to other sites in your niche.
  • Use competitors analysis tools like Semrush, and google search console.

4.Technical Analysis

  • Technical analysis helps you to determine the SEO performance of your site.
  • you will know how fast your website loading.
  • This can impact user experience in a positive or negative way.
  • sites taking more than 5 seconds to load has a room to improvement.
  • The site should be mobile friendly.
  • Google considering mobile usability is one of the ranking factors so don't avoid it.
  • Keyword cannibalization is one of the important factors to remember.
  • Don't overwrite post's targeting the same keyword.
  • This might confuse google which page is authoritative.
  • it is better to guide Google rather take her own decision.
  • is there any redirect issues like 301, 302 errors.
  • This error gives your site a bad impression by Google.
  • A site should have sitemap, and hand over it to the google search console
  • This helps your pages to be indexed well, rather neglected.
  • Hope so you don't have any duplicate content.
  • Each page your creating should be unique.
  • you should create unique metadata and unique content on every single page of your website.
  • Google panda algorithm kicking the sites wich having excessive duplicate contents.

5.Page Level Analysis

SEO Audit Checklist ​
SEO Audit Checklist ​

Page level analysis involves following factors

  • Does this page satisfy search intent.
  • Content should be strong and well optimized.
  • Does any one copied your content.
  • Report it to the Google .
  • Focus keyword should be include in the title
  • maintain the keyword density in the article.
  • Add keyword to the meta description.

6.Backlink Analysis

SEO Audit Checklist ​
SEO Audit Checklist ​

  • Link analysis helps you to know wich sites are likely linking a site.
  • Link relevency is imporatnt.
  • the site wich are backing you should be relevent to your site.

here is the complete guide on basics of link building

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7. Traffic analysis

SEO Audit Checklist ​
SEO Audit Checklist ​

  • Know how your traffic behaving on your site.
  • Google Analytics is one of the best and free traffic analysis tool you should be using.
  • another free SEO tool is Google search console, it helps you to know the bounce rate, performance of the site over the period.
  • By doing traffic analysis you can understand how is your content is attracting the users
  • This can ensure you to put more effort to create quality content

8. Check the Google penalty

SEO Audit Checklist ​
SEO Audit Checklist ​

  • make sure your site not penalized by Google on any algorithm updates.
  • Use Google search console to know site is penalized or not.
  • if your site is penalized then what are the steps to undergo upon.
  • You can see in the performance report upon Google penalty, how organic search traffic is behaving.

so guys these are the 'Top most "SEO Audit Checklist for 2019".

Don't miss single one of it.

implement each step discussed above and get the positive SEO results.

hope you people enjoyed the article and helped you in some way. if you likme my way of expanation and the site please subscribe this site by just putting your email in the pop up box appearing on the topbar of the site.

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