How To Write Your First Blog Post (Ideas, Examples ,Expert Tips)

How To Write Your First Blog Post (Ideas, Examples ,Expert Tips) post thumbnail image

Are you finally decided to start a Blog?

Don't Have any idea, How to write your first blog post?

And finally landed on this place?

No worries, this guide will help you to write the stunning first blog post within a time limit.

Let's dive into the Guide.

Your going to laugh if I include here how was my first blog post.

It is something like this "Hello World" is a title with words like hey I am there .... uuuu......nearly 150-word article.

Just like that, I am inviting the whole internet hey I am here means online what about you, haha.. sounds crazy.

Later I literally begged Google not to index this page. But Google ignored me.

At least your smarter than me, reading this article to plan a perfect first post on a blog.

What Things You Should Include in Your First Blog Post?

First Blog Post

Do you remember School or College days how Teachers Introduces themselves? Like Who is he, Where he is from, what subject he is going to teach you, and how he going to benefit you.

This is how a  Blog should be structured. There is the only difference between the blogger and a school teacher is a Teacher will teach on block board in the own presence, Blogger teaches thorough website tutorials, guides, articles, and posts.

But the Soul Purpose is the same.

End of the day what you want is information and knowledge.

These are the top things you should be included in your first blog post.

hit the list.

1. Introduce Yourself

Tell your audience who you?

Mention your Name, place, skills, life experience, Education, Hobbies, extracurricular activities.

Are you a professional or just fashion-ate blogger? mention.

If you want people to connect with you and a Blog, just tell them more about you.

Try to tell things, which can grab the attention of the audience.

Put some attractive images of you on a blog, Write stunning Bio.

If you won't let people know about you there are huge chances of authority drop.

no one here to promote you, Promote yourself.

2. Reason for Blogging

You should mention why your Blogging, it can be for fashion, business, or to earn money online.

Personally, I have started blogging as a fashion, now it is turned in to a full-time job Because it is Giving me money, fortune and most importantly happiness.

Tell viewers how dedicated you're regarding blogging.

It is obvious if don't know what your dong then, why people get involves, with you.

3. What you are Going To Blog?

Make aware to the audience what is your blog all about, what are the topics you are going to cover in it.

Mention your Niche, Means on what topic you're going to blog like, some people blog about food, fitness, games, make money online, and digital marketing.

4. Targeted Audience

Each second there are thousands of searches done various search engines, by searchers, looking for various topics.

So you should know who you're going to target and how can they connect with you.

Viewers interaction with Blog is more important than getting the Bulk of organic traffic.

Connect masses through the comment section, social media is a good platform to connect new audiences.

Mention if you have linked with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube.

So Your Readers can get connected with you upon a new Blog post Arrival.

5. Goals

Setting up goals is important, You should have a clear idea where you're going to start and where you're going to end.

End means not the end of the blog, But the peak results, your willing from the blog.

It can be by helping your Readers to achieve their Goals.

Or by ranking on the first page of Google whatever.

Sharing your Goals can help you grab the attention of the audience, end of the day they are the ones who can help you to achieve your goals.

Till now we have discussed what are the things you should include in your first Post on a blog in the coming section I will be explaining the step by step process on How to write first Blog Post in a meantime.

Let's have a look over it.

How To Write First Blog Post

first blog post

So finally you Bought the domain and hosted it on some well-known Blogging platform like WordPress.

The first thing to do is go to the dashboard of WordPress there you will see the section listed various tools.

There you will find an option named " Post" upon pointing the arrow on it you will see a pop up appearing with four options, all posts, add new, Category, Tag.

So you have to Do is Just Click on The add New option, then you're all set to write the First Blog Post.

You will be Given by default a WordPress editor, you can shift in other editors.

There are various blog editors available in the market for free of cost. Just go to the Plug-in section install the editor you want and activate it.


This is the heart and soul of the entire article because of this where you can tell what is your entire article about in a few sentences.

To grab the attention of visitors on search results.

A Good catchy tile can get you to turn off traffic, rather a 3000-word blog post.

You have made 1000 times better content than your competitor but if your competitor's title is nice and catchy to the visitor's then you will fail in attracting the visitors.

The title should be relevant to the topic your mentioning here.

Don't write too long titles, use the plug-in called Yoast SEO, it will give you the readability analysis with SEO score.

2. Headings

Mentioning headings,  subheadings, in your blog post is important for search engines as well as post looks so easy to read and understand.

Optimize the keywords in your headings.

heading 1 considers the main theme of the article your writing about.

Heading 2 list's items which related to the heading of the article.

heading 3, 4 or 5, use them in middle sections of heading 2.

3. Paragraphs

Each paragraph should be started with a Capital letter and end with a stop letter.

Don't write too long paragraphs, it's beat ugly to read.

Use billeted points because billeted points are catchy and easy to read.

Try to include images in between paragraphs, because it's attract's readers.

Images make article's looks good. Don't over optimize images, it can increase the page loading time

here is the article which featuring page load, in 9 important SEO tips. Check it now

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4. Do Readability Analysis

This lets you optimize the content for search engines as well as for readers.

A good readability score is important to use the Yoast SEO plugin.

I am using this from so long it is completely free and there is a premium version available.

If your content is good then you will get a Good symbol otherwise you will point out a red signal.

SEO score is important to do check it along with Readability.

Mention your targeting keywords in an article,

Don't over optimize the keywords. There is an option n Yoast SEO snippet Focus key phrase, put the keyword in that box if it appears in Green color, then your SEO score is Good, orange color points OK, a red signal point A bad score.

So try to get at least OK symbol in both SEO and readability score.

5. Edit Title and URL

I already said title should not be lengthy, URL is the main thing to optimize create meaning full URL,

URL's should not be lengthy, minimize it.

6.  Select Category

Select the category your going put this article in.

Putting an article in a  relevant category can boost the indexing of a page because it is easy for search engines like Google. to crawl and index.

7. Tags

Tag keywords relevant to the blog post, because a single post, can not cover numerous keywords and it looks ugly to mention all in an article so it is better to tag instead.

8. Select Featured Image

This is the image describes the entire article And a great way to explore in a social media campaign, Create stunning feature image so that it can grab the attention of People.

9. Publish

This is the final segment of the Whole process. You see an option in the right corner of the screen like Save draft, Done and Publish,

Before Going to publish read the article 2 to 3 times. is there a flaw in an article, spelling mistakes, Crammer check, if you a chrome user add Grammarly extension, it provides you suggestion in lines.

Oh God finally Published First post on Blog. Now I am free to write other posts. Are you thinking Like that? You're wrong, you're not done yet. thinking you're free now and you will be going to get the tone of visitors to read that particular article.

No, it is not that easy getting organic traffic takes time. So in the below section, I will be explaining the opportunities to Promote first Blog Post.

Opportunities To Promote Your First Blog Post

First Blog Post

Here I will be adding some best place to promote your First Post on Blog.

Let's jump in.

1.Webmaster's Tool's

Webmaster tools are very helpful for new sites, as well as existing for better indexing and understanding.

We have 4 popular search engines across the Globe, GoogleBingYahoo And Baidu Popular in China.

There are millions of articles published on the internet each day. So it makes harder to index every article for search engines, So they decide to bring the webmasters in the role to wipe out this issue.

  • Google search consoleGoogle search console top's the list with its fantastic features. You just have to do is upon publishing of your Blog post just submit the URL in the Search console. submit a site map to the Google search console as wells as. It can improve your site inflexibility.
  • Bing Webmaster's; it works similar to the Google Search console. yahoo and Bing come to the same company Microsoft so there is no need to provide other tools to submit your blog post.
  • Baidu Webmaster Tool's: A Baidu is one of the largest search engines mostly used in China. works similar to it.

Just you have to do is just create an account by submitting your email and take the benefit from it.

2. Social Media

In the early stage of Blog it is hard to get organic traffic, so here comes the role of the Social media sites in promoting your Blog Posts.

According to top marketing expert's social media is a great platform for promoting your content. Social share is positive signs for search engines to Rankings.

Here is the complete article that can help you improve Google ranking in 2019;

Related Article; How to Improve Google Rankings 2019

There are popular social media site's like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tumbler.

Try to improve your fan base, don't signup for every social media relentlessly there are others but this is the top ones.

3. Commenting

Commenting on sites' which are related to your niche can at least get do follow back-links, Build a relationship with other site owners is very important.

Don't comment like a spammer, read the article if you like then only comment.

Commenting is Just adding value to the Blog Post.

Are you can ask in the mail like sir this my First Blog Post. which I have written by taking the experience from you and see how it is helped me.

4, Join Forums

There are many forums which are offering free and premium services to submit Link and gives the chance to interact with the members of it.

Qoura is the best place to ask and answer question's which are related to your topic. And getting connected with experts in that field.

So, guys, this is the end of the article on " how to write your first Blog Post, and how you can to Promote it on various platforms.


Follow these guidelines which I have mentioned and Do proper research before you write your first Post on Blog.

Make sure you're honest with your Readers, don't give false and inappropriate information.

A loyal fan base can get you in the top search engine results.

Discuss with the experts in your field try to attract them.

That's it if you have any questions related to the article can be discussed via the comment section or mail me personally, have a great Blogging career bye, see you in the next article.

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