Are you tired of 9 to 5 job? And you want to Start A BLOG to lead a Boss free life?

or Maybe your a student wants to earn some pocket money from BLOG?

Or you do blogging for a fashion, and want to explore in the world for fame?

But you don't Know HOW TO START A BLOG?

No matters, Whatever your reason for starting a blog,

Welcome to the world of Blogging and Especially from seobanoth.com who is the expert in teaching how to start a blog and make money out of it.

Here is My Little Blogging Journey.

A few years back I used to be a beginner, I do Know nothing about blogging. And I have started searching about Blogging on the internet. but I failed to get the information what I was willing to.

So I am confused and frustrated and somehow I have started a blog (seobanoth.com), and learned how it works, and Finally started money making out it. Now it's your turn to reach your blogging Goals.


Before we will get into the details, let me explore what goes into a blog and what is Blog(The basic Definition).

Blog Definition: Blog is a great platform to explore and share your views, thoughts and best way to communicate and spread information with people (clients or your audiences).

In earlier days People Don't know they can even make money from blogging, they simply started a  blog to engage with their audiences and clients. Now Blog is one of the popular ways of earning money online from home.

What Goes into a Blog: A lot, Hard work (Means smart work), Dedication, fashion, Determination, patience, And consistency.

First Step in How To start A BLOG

So you've finally decided to start a blog, let's get started.

What are Those Things You Should Not be ignoring  at First Stage of Blog

1.Topic ( or A Subject)

Yes, it is most important, peaking the right Niche (Menas the topic you Know and Loves) only can help you to succeed in your blogging journey. because I have seen people stared and closed earlier, you know what I have meant here.

The topic you're going to write can be, fitness, health, tech related, yoga, products reviews, affiliate marketing, travel, personal experiences, whatever. bottom of the article I have mentioned the ultimate ideas on various blogging Niche so you can choose the right one which excites you.

Second Step in How To start A BLOG

I hope you have a peaked the topic which suits you. let's see the second stage.

 2. Domain Name

Domain ( means the URL or in lame language address of your blog ). So picking the domain which relates your topic can boost your online presence and rankings. you can see in my domain, I am SEO And teach SEO, so I have chosen my key term in my domain. what is SEO (means Search engine Optimization), want to know more about it, just Landon my sites landing page, The SEO world. So this is not topic now, now get into the guide.

Note; it is not compulsory to mention the key term in a domain, there are blogs which are Ranking well without mentioning the key phrases. But the relevant domain can give some boost.

Here are examples: Whatisseo.com This Blog ranks for the keyword "What is SEO.           on the other hand: Neilpatel.com This Blog ranks for "What is SEO" Keyword as well.

Third Step in How To start A BLOG

hey one sec, let me ask, you want to write on Self Hosted Blog or a free blog. 

Self Hosted Blogs: In this, you have to purchase a domain name and hosting to host on blogging platforms like WordPress.

Free hosted Blogs: here you don't need to spend a single cent of money, yes three are few blogging platforms like Blogspot, tumbler, where you just create a blog and start writing, in the bottom of the guide I will introduce some of the best free Blogging platforms. Now let's get into the guide.

So you finally selected your domain name right, let's see where to purchase it

3. Domain & Hosting Providers 

You know what is domain right, and what about the new term hosting, let me explain you, this is the place, where all of your site files stored, over a provided server. like your phones memory card.

There are more than 300000 hosting providers are available in the market. let me introduce Reputed brands.

Top Doamin+Hosting Providers

  1. Blue Host
  2. Goddady.com
  3. In Motion

I am using Goodday domain+hosting, you can purchase from any of these or else. Because GoDaddy provides very cheapest domain, hosting at affordable price. You can get domain around 10$/1year, Hosting 4$/month basic one.

Hope you have picked the right brand for you. Let's get in to 4th stage.

Fourth Step in How To start A BLOG

So you have purchased domain+hosting, and thinking how and where to launch it, let's see

What Blogging platform to choose

According to the wpbegginer.com, Here  is the list of top blogging platforms, let's have a look

  1. wordpress.org
  2. wix.com
  3. wordpress.com
  4. Blogger.com
  5. Tumblr.com
  6. Medium.com

seobanoth.com is a worpress.com blog because I personally feel it is so easy to set up and the themes are available for free as well premium, themes are responsive, there are 1000's of plugins available for free of cost.

Fifth Step in How To start A BLOG

Now go to the hosting website let say godday.com.

  1.  Just sign into your Goddady accountHow to start a blog







how to star a blog by goddady

how to start a blog by goddady hosting


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That's it guys now you have successfully launched the blog on WordPress. Now set up with the wizard.

then select the theme don't worry you can change it later.

And now dude your all set to write your first blog.

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