How to Make Money Online By Writing in 8 Ways Explained

How to Make Money Online By Writing in 8 Ways Explained post thumbnail image

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In today's guide, I will Explain you "8 Ways to Make Money Online by Writing" so that you can start earning straight away from your home.

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There are so many ways to earn money line, like, making videos in youtube, selling images online, selling painting online, teaching some online, as well as earning money online writing.

Let's hit the List.

1. Start A Blog

This is one of the trending ways of making money online writing because it doesn't ask you in degree if you are a good writer and follow trends that's enough.  I have been blogging from2 years I won now more than two blogs. And I have earned money that can full fill my desires. Now it's your turn.

maybe some of you don't know what is Blog, let me explain you on a quick note so that you can get the cleat I idea on what is a blog.

What is Blog: Blog is a great platform to express your ideas thoughts, and experiences, of your to People by online writing. Here I will tell how it works, there are so many types blogs available make money online, some teach you how to become a model, tech blogs, games blog, dance blog, music blogs, beauty, blogs. fashion blogs, food blogs.  if you are good at any topic then you can start blogging, and learn how to optimize the content.

You might be wondering how to get by writing tone of pages on your blog. You not getting money for each page you write. If you attract users to your website then you can apply to the many advertising channels like Google Adsense. and Put ads into your blog and start making money.

Here is the article on How to Start A Blog

here is the article explaining to you how to write your first blog post.

How To Make Money online By writting in 8 ways explianed

2. Affiliate Marketing

maybe you know what is affiliate marketing, in tho9s you do sell some companies product or your own product on the return you get the commission. If you see the e-commerce site there are offer the affiliate programs, you can simply apply for it and get the publisher id which tracks your product sell.  Yes, affiliating marketing is quite similar to the Blogging, You can you created a blog for selling products online. in your blog, you can review also certain products and give some pros and cons of the item so the buyer can get the clear idea on return he might buy that product by clicking the link on your site.

How To Make Money online By writting in 8 ways explianed

3, Become A Freelance Writer

You know there are many popular companies who are searching for the freelance writer to hire, what freelance writer, the freelance writer simply well-qualified writers they can help in some companies site or blog content management. you can see there is premium content writer available in the market.

How To Make Money online By writting in 8 ways explianed 3 become a freelance writetr

4. Advertise on your Blogs

if your getting traffic on your site, then you should apply for the advertisements companies, like Google's AdSense it is one the trusted advertising company we have today which is own by the Google, another one who can compete with Google Adsense is media.net, owned by the Microsoft, and another potential one is profiler ads.

How To Make Money online By writting in 8 ways explianed

5. Create Multiple Blogs

If you got to succeed in one blog then, create another blog and manage them, and earn revenue form both the blogs.

How To Make Money online By writting in 8 ways explianed

6. Write E-books

one of the popular bloggers called harsh Agarwal who owns the site shoutmeloud.com he earns nearly $9000/month  by selling ebooks on his blog. You can sell this ebook on your site or any other platforms like e-commerce sites like Amazon. you can imagine even there is a trend for the ebook in the market. so why waiting to start writing ebooks.

How To Make Money online By writting in 8 ways explianed

7. Do Sponsored Content

Do sponsored content on your blog or in whatever platform you find, like nowadays social media is a trend, so start writing it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc/ This is an easy way to earn fast money. Approach product owners, tell them how can benefit you them and what are your audience and explain to your sponsors what products fans interested in, so some sponsor a give you money to write about their product your blog.

How To Make Money online By writting in 8 ways explianed

8. Guest Blogging

Do you have any idea what is guest blogging all about? If you want your site articles published on top blogs and news sites  like techcrunch.com and fox.com, you need to do is pick them, tell you have great content that can I t for their requirement, if they accept and likes your content they can allow you to publish post on their site, in the return you will get  a tons of backlinks, wait  what is backlink, here is the article explaining that word in-depth level.

You know there are so many sites which are paying for the guest Bloggers if you have a quality content which can fit in their niche they might purchase your article.

How To Make Money online By writting in 8 ways explianed

So, guys, these are top 8 ways to earn money writing online, if you think I have missed anything you can add it over comment box, so some people can take benefit from it.

End of the Guide On"How to Make Money Online By Writing in 8 Ways Explained"

Hope you find your best way to make money online by writing, so that can get you money on the return. if you like this article"How to Make Money Online By Writing in 8 Ways Explained share with your friends, tell us on the comment box.subscribe to our email list so that you can be updated by each post we publish, have a wonderful day bye.

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