How to Improve Google Rankings 2019

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Hey, Viewers welcome to my website Seobanth.com, in Today’s article we will see “How to Improve Google Rankings 2019"

What is google ranking; google a search engine which considers a site rank is one of the key factors of showing that site pages as a top result when a searcher searches particular keyword in a query. Google ranks sites by looking over 200 factors includes which are user-friendlyness, well designed, containing amazing content and traffic much more. google ranking is now called as page rank, Wich is named after one of the founders of Google Larry Page.

Ranking well over Google is considered as one of the great achievement for any blogger. Because Google is one of the top most used Search engine's we have today. More than 65% searchers searching over Google search engine.

But guys Ranking better on google is not that much easy, it won't happen overnight. some time's it can make you frustrated, nervous, sometimes it can ruin your desires.

No need to look back guys, do handwork with smartness. If you want to rank well on Google first you should master the "Search Engine Optimization".

This guide is all about "How to Improve Google Rankings 2019" right, so take a look on top influencing factors of Google ranking, follow the step by step guide.

1.Optimize for Speed

There are various tools available in the market to monitor the speed of the the site. for both the mobile and the desktop version. Speed optimization is one of the important factors of SEO.

Remove everything which you may think, it can reduce the speed of the site. Take care of font size of images in your pages minimize them .

Long images can increase the speed of page loading so make them short. Use only the useful plugin's on site.

Theme Selection should be smart be choose. There is junk of free themes available for WordPress user's, word press them are nice, I have been using them from so long for free of cost, in upcoming articles I will glance on Best WordPress Themes.

How to Improve Google Rankings 2019

2. Work on the Links

There are are two types of Links ,internal as well as external. Internal link's are those link's wich you build by your self internally .it come under the on page SEO.

External Links are those link's which you get from other site's, In SEO language it is called as Backlinks and this kind of link's play the important role in the page optimization. Getting External Link's Hard. Here is the complete guide on "what is SEO", how it works, types of SEO's And about Links.

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3.On-Page Optimization

On-page, optimization is one of the easiest ways of doing SEO, and one of the great platform to tell Google what your site all about, what kind of article you produce, why to consider your site in google rankings.

Make Sure your site is well designed, Don't confuse Google. Mention the page's in related category

Give a unique title to each page you write, maintain keyword density in the article, word count is important, your article should be at least 700 words, give attractive images to the page, and write a clickable meta description. Here is the article how you can do on page optimization by using free SEO tools Available in the Market.

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4. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly​

Your site should be well designed, so it can load easily on mobile version. Fix the AMP issues on pages.

optimize a site for mobile friendliness, Due to the increase in the use of android, ios mobile users,google now considering Mobile usability is now one of the ranking factors.

How to Improve Google Rankings 2019

5.Social Media

Social Media is a trend platform to share your content. due to the increase of social networking site's user base is growing. Even SEO experts can give you the suggestion over focusing on social media.

Social media can get you backlinks as well. here is the article on how you can build backlinks by using various resources includes social media.

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How to Improve Google Rankings 2019

6. Use SEO tools

There are premium and non-premium SEO tools available in the market. Use the proper one, like Google analytics, Google Search console, Yoast SEO, Alexa site rankings, MozBar, Qucksprouts, Aherfs website analyzer.

In one of my article, I have mentioned top free SEO tools Wich are used by millions of people across the globe.

SEO Tools Can Give clear Cut idea how your site performing on Google Rankings.

How to Improve Google Rankings 2019

7.Research Right Keywords

Target the right keywords, Mention in article. Use keyword search tools to find the exact matching keyword's for your topic

Google Keyword Planner tops the list of keyword researching tools.

Maintaining the keyword density in the article is important, don't over do it, it can hurt your ranking.

Add keywords to meta description, images your using.

Know your audience, what they are searching make content over those keywords. Focus on long tail keywords.

Because short keywords can give you tough competition as compared to long tail keywords.

How to Improve Google Rankings 2019

End Of the Guide on “How to Improve Google Rankings 2019

I hope you people gained the exact knowledge your willing to gain regarding Google's top ranking factors if you Have Any Query Related To the Article” How to Improve Google Rankings 2019” Please Make us Know By Commenting in Below Section Have a wonderful Day

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