How To Get High-Quality Backlinks (5 New Startagies)

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Hi, in this article, I am going to teach you "How to get High-Quality Backlinks" quick.

Do Backlinks are still Still Google Ranking Factors?

Yes, Acquiring high-quality backlinks are still important in 2019.

Recently one of Google employ gave a statement "Still Backlinks are top 3 Google ranking factors".

So you can assume how a quality backlinks can help you to succeed in Ranking a site.

let's get into the Link building strategies.

Here I have 5 working strategies to show, you, see

Objectives: "How To Get High-Quality Backlinks"

  • 1.Post outstanding Content
  • 2.Content Marketing
  • 3. Become Resource for bloggers, and news Reporters.
  • 4.Research Free quality Link Building Platforms.
  • 5. Commenting.

1.Post Outstanding Content

Quality Content can only help you to stand out beside of giants in your Niche, especially when you are struggling to get high-quality backlinks.

Quality doesn't mean "you have to produce a "3000 to 5000"  word articles, just give a useful article to viewers, so they can read and get some information out of it.

If they like may share with their friends or family.

If People are sharing your content that means, you have some valuable content writing skills, and it is a good ranking signal for Google as well.

Quantity does matter, but don't write scrap. if you write  "1000 to 2000" valuable content that's enough.

Even this day's People Doesn't want to read along guides. 

Do proper keyword research, mention keywords in your article. If you don't know how to do keyword research here is the article explaining it.

2.Content Marketing

Content marketing is very important, remember if you have high-quality content, and it is under a box.

If you don't market it, then No one going to open and see that box what you have to offer them.

suppose, if you lack in producing high-quality content, Then content marketing can full fill that gap.

If you want to master in Content marketing read This below articles form top influencer's on the web, Neil Patel from Neilpatel.com and, The Brain Dean founder of backlinko.com.

 3. Become Resource For Bloggers And News Reporters

This is an amazing and free way to get High-Quality Backlinks on your site.

When I was a newbie I don't know what blog is all about, and how it works.

So, I started searching on the internet, and find my ideal blogs to follow like, Harsh Agarwal's, Shoutmeloud.

Because I liked the way he explains a topic, and that blog is quite ranking as well.

When it comes to news reporters, They want quick recipes and don't have much time to write and produce content they want to include in their articles, so they use influencers on the web.

In another way, reporters can approach you, if you are solving people problems in a particular Niche.

Do you think is that easy as we think to reach that level.

No, this Requires dedication, determination, And persistence, Especially, good writing skills, to grab the attention of your audiences.

And you should be a problem solver, instead of confusing and creating extra problems for them.

4. Research Free High-Quality Link Building Platforms

I recently got an amazingly high-quality backlink from gravatar without expecting on my own.

A few days back I have created my profile in gravatar in return, it's awarded me High-Quality Backlink.

According to To Ubbersuggest Gravatar has a 88 domain score. Do you believe how quality is that backlink?


See how many backlinks that domain having, and the organic traffic value.

So research sites like gravatar and try to build backlinks for free of cost.

Social media sites like facebook, twitter, Linkedin can also give you some virtual backlinks.

But don't sign up with every social media you find on the internet. find the ideal ones with good domain score.

5. Commenting On Other Blogs

Commenting one of the great ways to build relationships with other bloggers. If you like their work, just go and appreciate them.

But do comment regularly on their blogs, when you feel I should give feedback or suggestion or appreciation for their work.

Don't comment like a spammer, inserting your link in, saying hey your great, awesome article, nice job.

These comments are not adding value to the article, instead, say what you feel about the article.

If they found you nice, in the return they can offer you a guest blogging chance, if you request them, a soft pitch.

If you want to check how many backlinks you have here is the list of Free backlink checker tools.

End of the Guide; How To Get High-Quality Backlinks

This way we have done with the presentation on "How to Get High-Quality Backlinks" with these "5 proven strategies".

So, my suggestion for you, write skyscraper content so news reports and bloggers can make you as a resource and do content marketing as much as you can.

Approach free High-Quality link building Platforms, just go and ask to google free high-quality link building platforms, you will find a huge list, finally, comment in such a way your adding value to the article.

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