How To Do Keyword Research for SEO

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Hai, viewers welcome to my website Seobanth.com, in Today’s article we will know “How To Do Keyword Research for SEO

 what is Keyword research; is a process of when people use keywords to search and find the topic they intened to. research actual search terms that people enter into search engines. The knowledge about these actual search terms can help inform content strategy or marketing strategy overall.

it can help, you to establish and execute a strong keyword strategy that helps you get found for the search terms you actually care about.

Keyword Research; is one of the most important  SEO factors that should be optimized over each site. This is essential for the growth of your online business.

If you want to grow your organic search traffic from Google, executing professional keyword research in article mandatory.

You can find a number of articles to observe that give you clear-cut information on how to apply professional keyword research in an article.

This article is Regarding “How To Do Keyword Research for SEO ” so take a look at various influencing factors to better rank on SEO, and how you can improve the performance of a site by utilizing best keywords.

1. Know keyword metrics

If you want to rank well on search engines, there’s a junk of smart keyword metrics to consider. While executing One of SEO metrics, you find thousands of keywords in niche, shortlist them.

1. Search volume

This metric has the potential to show how a keyword's performing, How many searches coming to that particular query accrose the globe.

There are many potential keyword search tools, the most popular one is Google keyword Planner.


Clicks enable you to know the search volume Let’s take a keyword, “Seo,” that has a search volume of more than 1million searches per month.

So if you rank at top results of search engines you have a chance of getting ton of organic search traffic

3.Keyword Difficulty

Ranking on competitive keywords is difficult, the best possible way to gauge the ranking difficulty of a keyword is to manually analyze the search results and use your SEO experience.

There are various keyword research tool's wich have their own methods of calculating ranking difficulty score

Go with trusted keyword research tool by millions of users, refer one is google keyword planner.

Maintain the keyword density in the article, don't overdo keyword stuff,  article    should be more than 800' words.

4. Cost Per Click

This metric pretty much helpful for quality advertisers, But SEO experts take it intentionally in a commercial way.

More CPC getting keywords usually have high chance of keyword difficulty .

How To Do Keyword Research
How To Do Keyword Research

2. Generate keyword ideas

1. See what keywords you already rank for

if you run a blog on one niche, you should already be ranking in Google and other
search engines, for a few hundred keywords, so make sure your not ignoring those keywords .

let observe the below image how my site seobanoth.com rank for various keywords .

2.know what keywords your competitors are ranking for

following your competitors is key to be in competition, observe keywords they use, and how they are utilized in page.

How to know competitors.

  1. Add a keyword to the search bar of Google, then you will find competitors in top 2 results of Google.
  2. put a site into Alexa rank analyzer, you see global rank, country rank, as well as top ranking keywords.

3. Use keyword research tools

Relevant keyword ideas help you to rank,1 page in a hundred related terms, so use best keyword research tool.

These methods help you to get the great keyword suggestions, but they can rarely give you more than a couple hundred suggestions.

How To Do Keyword Research
How To Do Keyword Research

 3.Study your niche well

studying your niche is important The extremely effective and provide an almost unlimited amount of keyword ideas.

focus on keywords wich is suiting your blog niche. Do blogging on a niche can help you in the growth of the website.

Don't confuse visitors tell them what your blog all about, and what topic you mention in your blog and how they can get the benefit from my site.

How To Do Keyword Research
How To Do Keyword Research

4. Traffic potential

Search volume and Clicks are potential factors to understand the traffic of a single keyword. But that keyword may have a ton of synonyms and related searches, all of which can be targeted with a single page on your website.

Google understands what your actually mean with keyword your searching

How To Do Keyword Research
How To Do Keyword Research for SEO

End Of the Guide on “How To Do Keyword Research for SEO

I hope you people gained the exact knowledge your willing to gain regarding Best keyword research tool. if you Have Any Query Related To the Article "How To Do Keyword Research for SEO" please make us know By Commenting in Below Section Have an wonderful Day.

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