How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot

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Hi, there

are you planning to start a BLog?

That's a great Deal.

But you want to start and try it over free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogspot.

And you don't know "How to create a  Free Blog On Blogspot,

Don't worry in this article I have explained pretty much clearly, follow the basic steps and start writing or maybe for practicing posts on your Blog.

Let's Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

I think you know what is Blog And Blogspot, But let me explain you in detail so you can get a full idea on these topics.

The blog is a great Platform to share your stories, experiences, teaching and helps you to get connected with your audiences or maybe a client. Nowadays blog is a great way of making money online.

Blog Spot is a free Blogging Platform offered by the top search engine giant Google, yes Blogspot is a Google Product. You can create her a tone of free Blogs from the same email account.

But you have to remember here is when you will register your site you will get a www.blogspot.com extension, you can't get here, like .net,.com extensions. if you want to shift for a custom domain, you can do it later.

When I was a beginner I have started my first blog on Blogspot and learned how to write articles, and how to maintain the keyword density in the article, how to set themes, and how to use plugins etc.

Because at that time I don't have much money to buy a domain and hosting, even I am not ready to invest in it. if you were a beginner worpreess.com and Blogspot are the best free Blogging Platforms to learn Blogging.

I think you have got that point what I was trying to tell you, Now let's get into the step by step process of how to create a free blog on Blogspot.

Let's start

How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot Step By Step

follow these exact steps and create your Free Blog On Blogspot

  1. Now go to the official page of Blogspot by Clicking here-Blogspot.
  2. Ther you will see a screen like this

How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot

3. here observe the think I have marked with a red brush, create a Blog and in the Top right Corner Sign icon.

4. first sign in with Your Gmail Account from which you want to create a blog.

5. Now Click On the icon " Create a Blog" Now you will see an image like this

How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot

6. Now in Title box enter the name of  your Blog,

7. in Adress Bar type your domain name, Domain is the address of your blog on the internet. let see how I have picked the new domain and title.

8. If you observe the red corned line" sorry this blog address is not available" that means it is already taken by some other Blogger. So what I have done here see in the next image.

How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot (2)

9. you can see under address box "This Blog Adress available" that means you finally succeeded in getting your domain.

10. Now in the Bottom of the page, you can see an option " create Blog" just click Over it.

11. now you will be landed on a page like this

How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot (2)


That means you have successfully created a free Blog on Blogspot, now you can start writing and explore in the world.

But your thinking now how to write your first Blog Post and, what to write in it, so don't worry in below section I have mentioned how to write your first blog, and given some wonderful ideas, expert tips to write your first Blog Post on BlogSpot. Let's have a look,

Helpful articleHow To Write Your First Blog Post (Ideas, Examples, Expert Tips)

There you can see various options like settings, stats, themes, comments, Pages, Layout and Themes. Settings can allow you to change your blog name and privacy. stats count the number of visitors coming to your blog per day/month/year. And shows you by geographically.

Themes, in this section there are amazing themes available for the free cost pick, the best which can attract the users like a professional blog. comments section covers, the people commented under your blog posts and pages. Layout, here you can make your blog looks so good, buy adjusting the widgets and adding some stunning plugins.

A conclusion of the guide"How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot"

I hope you have successfully created a free blog on Blogspot that you're willing to create, These steps are pretty simple if you still get some issues to approach me, I will make sure to help you in a meantime.

And let me know what are your views on Blog on Free Blogspot, if you have any suggestion for this article, comment us. If you like this article On"How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot, do share with your family, friends, so they can start a free Blog on BlogSpot. And thanks for reading the article have a stunning day.

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