How To Become A Paid Blogger

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Are you planning to make money online?

But you don't know how to make money as a paid blogger or (How to become A paid Blogger)?

Then you landed in the right place because here I am going to discuss, some awesome stuff, that can help you to become a blogger and get paid.

What are the things you should have to become a blogger and get paid, you want to know let's dive into the post.

let's get into the details.

How To Become A Paid Blogger And start earning Money  Step by Step

1. Start A Blog

If you were thinking to hired by the Top sites or Blogs Like ProBlogger.com and want your place to register in Elance,  is a  freelance specific job board. Then you should show some writing skills to get hired by them. So here comes the role of the Blog. 

A blog is a great Platform to show your skills in the meanwhile if you managed to get traffic on a blog you can earn by putting ads.

Starting a blog is easy but, it requires a lot of skills and hard work to run in a long while. Pic your Niche and start writing. Write content which is related to your Niche.

Tip, if you want to become a better writer then you should start analyzing other blogs posts which are in your niche. Read Books, magazines, News articles.


if you are new to the word Blog, then here is the article on how to start a blog.

How To Write Your First Blog Post (Ideas, Examples, Expert Tips)

How To Become A Paid Blogger

2. Promote your work on Various Platforms

If you have a product and not placed in the market then how can expect to sells by itself. So start promoting your content on a platform where ever you find. Now a day Social media a trend platform to share content, and engage with a new audience. Build your fan base. Open account on twitter.com, facebook.com, Instagram.com, and Linkedin.com because these are the most widely used across the Globe. 

Go and comment on other sites which are in your Niche so it can help your site's search presence over Google. here is the article on How to improve Google rankings in 2019.

How To Become A Paid Blogger

3. Pitch

 A cool pitch can help you, what it is, Cool pitch is like your talking to agencies to show your work, use your existing clients, help people where you find the opportunity, get some good talk in the field. Approach various freelance writer who is already writing for top sites like, Forbes.com, entrepreneur.com. pitch top reputed sites in your Niche.

How To Become A Paid Blogger

4. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is popular these days because it mutually benefits, especially for who is going to blog on other reputed sites. In return, you going to get at one of the backlinks. What are Backlinks her is the article explaining the backlinks and what is the importance of it and how it places importance Google Ranking factors?

Approach the top gainst in your niche to ask them for guest blogging, tell them I have a great article that suit for a particular topic I want to show you, so some times they can allow you do guest blogging on their site. That can Boost your Blog, may it can bring some referral traffic.

How To Become A Paid Blogger


5. Join forums

Forums are a great platform to promote your site as well as in return you can get the stunning content creating ideas from colleagues and it can build you the relationship with them. There are free and Paid forums for bloggers, like Authority Blogger, join them and start building a relationship with Pro bloggers. don't join every single forum you find. Forums in your niche can Boost your site Presence. Don't annoy forums, answer the questions if you know well. tip, don't put so many links on forums where you're discussing unnecessarily.

How To Become A Paid Blogger


6.Engage with your audiences And Clients

Engaging with your visitors can give new ideas for the betterment of the blog, and the pros and cons of your writing.

If you're getting bad reviews to take it in a positive way because these are the pillars of tomorrow's success. If you take personally then you will be going to end your blogging career for sure in the short run. Even ask experts how was your, content is there any flaws and places to be improved.

Help people whenever you can for free, and make them as the clients that can give you some popularity and a good name in the field.

How To Become A Paid Blogger

The conclusion of the article on "How To Become A Paid Blogger'

These are basic steps one can follow to become a blogger and get paid out of it. Hope you will start and succeed in it. I just want to let you know this, don't think success comes overnight or in early few months give some time, at least 8 months, then only make a 4 digit of money your thinking to earn. if you have any suggestions for our article "How To Become A Paid Blogger" add it over a comment section or personally mail us.Have an amazing day bye.

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