Should you Buy Backlinks in 2019

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Are you started website and thinking of buying backlinks in 2019?

and your confused whether to buy it or not?

Don't worry?

This guide is all about that.

In this guide i will explain you in detail whether you should you buy backlinks in 2019 or not.

and what are my SEO predictions?

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Pros&Cons of Buying Backlinks

Buy backlinks in 2019 
Buy Backlinks


  • Backlinks work as a ranking signal for many search engines like Google.
  • it saves your time and effort that you going to spend in building back-link for months.
  • Google List's sites which are trustworthy and backed by internal and external links.
  • Backlinks can send you referral traffic.
  • White hat seo can take longer time. you should not be clear either it works or not.
  • Referred buy the SEO experts.
  • SEO is a long time game.
  • To easy get in to the list og Google top searches.
  • To make search engines to prefer for particular keyword targetd.
  • To show Google site is related to the particular topic.

These factors may be influencing you to buy backlinks. Before your going to buy the Backlinks let's discuss the Corns of Buy Backlinks.

Below are the cons of buying backlinks.

Here are the reasons you should not be buying backlinks in 2019.


  • Backlinks come under Black Hat SEO category which is enemy of any search engines includes Google.
  • Getting 100's of backlink over the night can ruin your site trustworthiness.
  • Because Google wants the authoritative site's in its search results
  • Suppose you bought Backlinks, it worked well in ranking for a few months.
  • Thereafter you will see the sudden fall of black Hat oriented sites.
  • Google updates it's algorithms regularly.
  • Buying Quality Backlins Are so expensive in nature.
  • Google Panda is the updated which is vanished all black hat doing sites.
  • spam links can hurt the site.
  • Adult sites, Casino sites can ruin site Rankings.
  • Buying Backlinks is against Google's Webmaster tools.
  • If you trick Google one day it will ruin all of your organic search traffic.

Verdict on "Should You Buy Backlinks In 2019"

Buy Backlinks 
Buy backLinks

My suggestion is No.

Don't Buy Backlinks, eighter not create yourself, by buying the expired domain and Plan a hosting then started writing content related to your Niche to add a link.

If Google Finds Your Doing this it won't spare you can kill site Rankings.

Don't invest Money in Doing Black/Grey Hat SEO. Below I will give you where you can invest money for Good SEO.

Developing a Brand can take months and Years. SEO is Long term Game be patient. Here is the article might help you to improve the ranking of a site.

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Take the inspiration from the SEO Guru's Like Neil Patel how long they have waited for the result and to become the Expert in that field.

if you still not agree with me want to buy backlinks Roll the dice. But dude it is dangerous and the end, might upset you.

Investing Capital Outside of Buying Baclinks in 2019

Should you backlinks in 2019 
Buy Backlinks or invest in othere things


  • invest time and money in creating quality content.
  • Spend on Responsive themes and Plugins.
  • Add value to content marketing.
  • Use Bucks to promote article over Social media You can Boost and reach thousands of audience for a few dollars.
  • Buy content from the premium writers.
  • Hire a freelance writer for a few months.
  • improve the response time of the site.
  • You can Advertise site on Google Adwords.
  • Increase domain authority
  • Buy Hosting plan for years.
  • Open the premium account in various keyword research and Backlink checker tools.
  • Buy Useful plugins.

Buy Backlinks or invest in White Hat SEO category is up to you. My responsibility is to aware you what is good and what is not.

I have seen people doing this, in the end, they struggle to overcome the loss. Be the good boy follow Google Content quality guidelines.

Implement those Guidelines ,do hard work give some time and wait for the results.

People with 10 year experience in the field can be consider as master or experts listen them.

Don't follow many gurus find ideal one who attracts you and explains SEO in a realistic way. SEO master who is teaching you success overnight they are fake stay away from them

Don't only focus on Link building SEO Technique, there are many Google ranking factors to be consider.

Here is the complete Guide wich explaining the 200 ranking factors of Google from backlinko website read it carefully.

Google's 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List (2019)

End of the Guide on "Should You Buy backlinks In 2019";

Hope you guys got the exact knowledge your willing to gain regarding "Should you Buy Backlinks in 2019 or not". Still, if you have any Query related to the article can be discussed over the comment box or you can mail me personally.

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