9 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

9 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know post thumbnail image

are you an aspiring Blogger?

Worrying regarding Ranking of your site?

Finally Came here to find the Top SEO Tips that you should hack for better search engine optimization as well as Ranking.

So No worries this article will introduce you "9 most important SEO Tips" you need to Know"tips that can improve the performance of your site.

Let's dive in to the detail article.

if you want to rank well, first you should optimize the search engines like Google for that you have to Master Best SEO tips for 2019.

Optimizing the search engine is the core priority of Blogger ,company or any business.

Let's hit the least of Hardcore SEO Tips wich will Get you the stunning result in year 2019.

1. Focus on Niche

The recent survey Revealed that Google Ranking the Nche sites better over sites based on various topics.

That is the reason I have mentioned it as my top priority. You should make aware of Google what is your Niche all about and what are the topics you cover.

research on Keywords that are ranking for the site. go with them don't focus one 100' keywords at a time. Target keywords which are ranking well on Google search engine.

Google know updates every single data in your site. so don't optimize u necessary things.

2. Don't over optimize site Remove Everything that slows down site.

My Second preference in the Best SEO Tips that can get you ranked in 2019.

Google appropriates sites which are responsive, loading speed is important.

Research every single data which is decreasing site performance. Don't put un-necessary plug- ins.

Recently I got mail from Google saying that Remove the Google+ code integrated into your site that can hurt your site performance.

9 improtant seo tips that you should know 
9 improtant seo tips that you should know

Optimze images , make them short don't use more images in a single page it can increase the page load time.

Follow the Basics of SEO Tips that can tell you site speed is important.

3. Give Quality Content To The Search Engines

Google Search engine prefers Content as the first priority in page ranking later backlinks and other things.

Don't write for search engines write for Humans, who are the potential customer's to come again to your site.

Content with Quality and quantity can better rank over the thin content.

Content should be differnt form others be unique you will get appreciated form search engines.

Unique content is indexed fast by the Google Bot rather the same repetitive Content. Before posting the Page check the Plagiarism.

9 imporatant seo tips you should know 
9 imporatant seo tips you should know

Here is the article on How to Do keyword Research for better seo.

How To Do Keyword Research for SEO

Here is the site which is offering content Copy Checker service for free of cost http://checkpagerank.net

4. Research Competitors

Researching your competitors that can give ideas like what are keywords they are ranking for, search volume of those keywords, SEO difficulty, Competition, the position of targeting keywords url.

If you are Recently started blog my strong advice is don't go with the short keywords your competitor ranking. First focus on low volume and Long tail keywords.

Where is less competition your chances are high to rank for those keywords

5. Optimize the images

Images are the best way to optimize page and free way to include your focusing keywords in it.

Optimzing the image URL is important. If your taking a screenshot ,before adding in page change that name with keywords of your page and what is that image all about that will give Search engines a relevency signal to find out what is your post all about.

Mention keywords in Alt tag of the image. Add valuble data in to the image Description Box. Describe the caption, put the titile in the image heading.

Image optimization is the best In SEO Tips which is matter most for search engine optimization. You find a various article which are telling you the ultimate SEO Tips to Rank well on Google search engine, But most of them not including images so I thought to include it on top SEO Tips List.

6. Url Optimization

Create URL's wich are readable, meaning full don't complicate.

Url Should be related to your article targeting keyword it is the relvency signal fior any search engines.

Don't over optimize URL short and readable URLs rank over the confusing long URL. Use one of the top level Plugin Yoast SEO, to optimze the Url's credentials.

7. Meta Description Should be Unique

Meta Description is very important to attract readers to click on your title tag. in the aerl stage of my blogging career, i used to neglect the Meta Description. At that time i don't have any idea what is the importance of meta description.

Use the keywords in meta description, write attractive words in the meta .

Meta is the place where you have to describe your entire article in one or 2 lines, so don't neglect it optimizing meta is the better SEO Practices and it comes under the famous To most SEO tips and Tricks for Bloggers.

8. Approach Gaints in your Field

Building relationship with top sites in your Niche is important, approach them ,say how they helped you as a blogger, ask them how to improve your site brand.

interview them and include your site name at the middle of topic , it is another form of Guest Blogging.

Guest Blogging is becoming Popular these days, you can see this tradition in youtuber's how they are how they are building relationship with top channel's.

9. One of the most important SEO Tips for Beginners focuses on List Article's

Are you confused about what is list article and i have never heard about the form of article or a blog post, no Problems here i will explain you in detail.

List aricles are so attractive in results they have the highest chance of Click. You have less heared of these SEO tip.

When your begginer the List aricle help's you to rank well rather the small keywords. List articles are easy to target the long tail keywords.

Conclussion of the Article "9 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know "

So guys these are basic Top SEO Tips & Tricks that you should master to game the SEO in 2019. in an upcoming guide, I will be adding Next level SEO Tips in-depth content.

Till then Practice these Basic SEO Tips which I have mentioned over here. Do you have any Questions related to this article just put a comment or leave me a mail at seobanoth at gmail dot com. our team is always there for you to help and track your issue.

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