5 SEO Trends That will matter most in 2019

5 SEO Trends That will matter most in 2019 post thumbnail image

Are you starting blogging journey in 2019?

or your already started?

Then your at right place.

This guide will take you through "5 SEO trends that will matter most in 2019" that you should be implementing for your website in 2019.

SEO is a natural climate that changes over the sessions, so keep ready to face the storm.

We as SEO trainers, seen many up and downs over the period and many changes in SEO that is hampering search engine results.

What SEO tactics your applying, how they are paying the results that can be seen when there is a new update in Google Search Engine.

Our team analyzed sudden decrease in site ranking on updation of Goggle's new algorithms.

Google Panda is the update vanished all copy cat sites .

You're new to the SEO world, then here is the complete guide which will glance on what is SEO and what are the factors that influencing it most.

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let's jump in to the article

Topics covering by "5 SEO Trends that will Matter most in 2019"

  • step 1: Brand as a Ranking Factor
  • step 2: Mobile Optimization
  • Step 3: Page Loading Time
  • Step 4: Amazon Search
  • Step 5: Create Quality Content

List of 5 SEO Trends for 2019

Below i have mentioned 5 seo trends that can boost your Google rankings in 2019 step by step.

Home work for you is grab the each points from this article and try to implement it.

Then you can see a huge change in SEO results.

let's dive in to the list.

1.Brand as Ranking Factor

Brand means Authority, trust , followers ,that your Building over the years.

for example, your going to buy Tshirt in a shop, there are two pieces with the same price tag one is Jack&Jones ,other is some unknown brand.

Somehow your mind tells you jack&jones is the worlds trusted brands and it is manufacturing from years. another one is with no brand tag.

So you automatically go with Jack&jones

That's how search engines works, Google put's sites which is trustworthy, authoritive as top results for any search done any searchers.

Your soul purpose should be creating a trustworthy site or brand.

To create a brand there are varies factors to be considered. so here is the article on how to improve Google Ranking and build Brand.

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2. Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization can be the strong factor to consider in 2019 onwards. Mobile search growing over the years.

Site should mobile friendly

User experince is important on site ,know it by using Google Analytics tool wich is for free of cost.

Fix Amp issues.

Mobile indexation option is there in Google search Console use and take benefit from it.

3. Page Loading time.

Speedup your page loading time, it should take minimum 3 sec to load more than it considered as bad SEO.

Reasons behind increase in page loading;

  • excessive ads
  • excessive images in a page
  • Theme layout
  • server
  • unwanted plugins


  • Don't put over ads
  • optimize images
  • select proper theme
  • The hosting providing company should be better
  • Remove un-useful plugins

4. Amazon Search

5 seo trends that will matter most in 2019
5 seo trends that will matter most in 2019

are you seller of product ,then by optimizing amazon search can increase your sells .

most of the traffic comes to amazon to buy/sell products.

Some surveys reveals that ,amazon search box taking the storm like google in the field.

ffialate site should take the benefit of Amazon search by researching the keywords wich are searched on amazon search.

5. Create Quality Content

Content is king, this line i was guided by my SEO experts years ago when i was new to industry.

Now iam teaching you, yes Content is still matters.

Creating stunning content can help to win the SEO race.

And it is the free SEO practices every blogger should apply.

Don't copy content from web sources .

Overdosing of keyword stuff leads to black hat seo that is in return as non indexed page from Google Search engine.

Do proper research on article your going to create and present it to the search engines.

so here we done with article,

Guys follow the exact steps use them properly.

if you want more information ,help or else just mail me .

Email list is reson behind my sucess .

They are the real followers one can get.

bye take care.

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