5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

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SEO is the important aspect of any bloggers,companies,online reatilers ,marketing agenices.

Backlinks comes under one of the major factors regarding SEO.

Backlinks are the backbone of any site.

Google considers Backlinks as the ranking signal.

You might be thinking this is how Google ranking, wow great and started building 1000’s of backlinks.

So dude stay there,

There are 2 types of links

1.Good Links also called as (Quality Links)

2.Bad Links (spam Links)

Getting Good links from the authorized sites which are trusted by Google from years is important.

Google preferring quality backlinks to rank site on top google search results.

so let’s get in to the purpose of this guide.

Objectives: “5 free&Paid Baclink Checker Tools”

  1. #AHrefs
  2. #Semrush
  3. #Open site explorer
  4. #Buzz Sumo
  5. #OpenlinkProfiler

Let’s get in to the list


5 Best free Backlink Checker Tools
5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

AHerfs comes premium backlink checker tool, if your not buying premium then there is a option wich let’s you free month trial just register there and get the complete backlink analysis.

AHerfs backlink checker tool trusted by millions across the globe , that is the reason i have mentioned this on top spot.

Personally i’m using it from years.

2. SEMrush

This is one of the competitor’s of AHerfs my second preference in the list.

Before mentioning the various features that are offering by AHerfs. let me tell you AHerfs Backlink checker tool is not for free.

But if you register for a free account. you can get the complete analysis along with anchor text analysis.

SEMrush regularly updates it’s database

Along with the backlinks pointing to your site, you can compare competitors backlinks.

3. Open Site Explorer

5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools
5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

Open site explorer is comes as all in one link building tool.

open site explorer is comes form the top site MOZ.

it is very important to know how your links are behaving increasing or decreasing over the period.

so there is the comes the role of there Free back link checker tool.

open site explore is come for premium but you can take the benefit of 30 days free trail.

it will give you the complete backlink analysis.*

4. Buzsumo

Buzz-sumo is the ultimate Backlink checker tool that is used by millions across the globe.

it will help you in content marketing and SEO campaign.

BuzzSumo figure out what content is working in the industry.

it will improves the understanding of social footprint.

offering following services

  • Facebook analyzer

Let’s analyze how your site performing on social media. What impression your getting from the facebook.

  • Topic analyzer

This category let’s you know what topic is trending now in the industry.

  • Content Analyzer

Let’s you understand how well your content fit in the search results and drawbacks include any plagiarism involved in it.

Content is crucial to analyze any blogger .

Content should be pre-planned, unique.

Copy score can be counted.

  • Question Analyzer

Analyzes the question asked by you in the search box.

It can be related to any word just put it in to the search box and hit the enter button.

Analyzes the word and Gives the suggestion related top that word.

  • Backlink

This the main topic focused by the Buzzsumo that gives full pledged backlink analysis, includes no of site’s linking the site.

  • Trending Now

Trending means present hot topics, means keyword which are working currently and getting organic traffic.

Quick move in to the final tool.

5. OpenlinkProfiler

5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools
5 Best Free Backlink Checker Tools

OpenLinkProfiler is a free link research tool that allows you to do backlink analysis for the free of cost. let me tell you it is completely offering free services across the globe.

it is definitely one of the promising free tools that we can get.

so that’s it with presentation regarding the “5 best free backlink checker tool”.

Use them wisely and grab the varies opportunities coming towards backilink improvement.

any query related to the article can be discussed personally.

For that request is needed to know what is you query all about ,you can mail me or comment in below box.

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